Description :

NC Gothic Long Dress is a clothing dynamic set for Victoria 4. This product include a long dress, a ruban necklace and a bracelet. You can use them for many rendering. Gothic, glamour and all other creations. It is available for Poser 6 and above. Cloth Room is necessary. DazStudio is not available.

Features :

  • Dress pp2
  • Ruban pp2
  • Bracelet pp2
  • 15 Options for Dress mc6
  • 16 Options for Ruban mc6
  • 3 Options for Bracelet
Poser 8 rendering without postworking excepted compositing

Requirements :

  • Poser 6 and above
  • Cloth Room


You can download templates.

You can use them with Carrara 6+. You create your dynamic animation with poser and save. In carrara import pz3 and work in the last frame.